We provide the freedom to build what you need, the way you want.

Outside the box, not off-the-shelf.

We specialise in custom software solutions that are tailored to you and/or your business. As your needs grow and change, so should your software. Don't get stuck with a rigid, off-the-shelf product that dictates how you should work. Invest in a custom solution that gives you flexibility and helps you get things done faster.

Out of this world quality, down to earth pricing.

New customers embarking on the software development journey are quickly scared away when they see the price. When dealing with other software development shops, you can run out of money before you even start building anything. At Custom Code IT, we keep our pricing flexible to match your business. All while providing the same high quality results. This means no matter the size or complexity of your project, our services remain accessible.

Real people with a real passion.

We are not a huge faceless software development company. Our focus is our customers and delivering quality products. When you choose Custom Code IT for your next project, you get to work directly with the passionate people who are bringing your idea to life. You get to ask questions, provide feedback and play an essential role in the testing and development of your product.

Support for the long haul.

We provide proactive support for everything we build. This means we don't wait for you to contact us if something goes wrong, we actively monitor your solution and let you know if something requires your attention. We manage all facets of maintenance including backups, security and updates. All provided by the same people who built it.